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Breeding management - Document Nov10

Breeding management - Background and ideas

Poland meeting 2010

A presentation by Danusevicius and Lindgren about breeding cycler at TEEBREEDEX strategy meeting Orleans October 09

Seed orchard conference Umeå September 2007

Hann Munde meeting Mar 2009

The Madrid meetings Feb 2008

Italy meeting May 2009

Discussions by or initiated by Dag Lindgren on email or Forum.
   Dag Lindgren initiated a seed orchard debate on "Activity No. 6 TBX :TREEBREEDEX@GUAVA.EASE.LSOFT." and got respons from Luc Paques
   Suggest a Seed Orchard
      A response about provenance hybrids and general about use and replacement of seed orchards
      Gerry asked for comments about an ash (and sycamore) seed orchard, and I responded with some comments.
   Suggestion to use vegetative propagation for Norway spruce in southern Sweden.

   .Send a blank (empty) email to: and wait for the response
The Forum. TREEBREEDEX initiated a discussion FORUM but it was very little discussion contributions except from me. 2008 the old FORUM discussions were removed and a new discussion started. It has during 16 months appeared two threads and no other comments. TREEBREEDEX members do not seem extremely found on FORUM discussions.

Comments by Dag Lindgren:
    Seed orchards are important
        Stumb tree breeders? (partly in Swedish)
    Is France interested in seed orchards?
    Vegative propagation enquiry and meeting

Field trials
Recent comments on Swedish genetic field experiments and registers
    About forest genetics field tests at our University (statistics and information is not recently updated)

Replies to enquiries
    Vegetative propagation response.
     Phenotypic selection  This has been analyzed in  this document

TREEBREEDEX also arranges a Scots pine genetics book, the following may be helpful Genetics of Scots pine, a review of literature since 1990 has been compiled by Gösta Eriksson (I actually think Gösta Eriksson was invited).

My retirement. I retired 090930. I got the best possible retirement present a professor can dream about!  That is to successfully mentor and collaborate with students resulting in good doctoral research. My student Finnvid Prescher will get the International Union of Forest Research "Outstanding Doctoral Research Award" at its world congress in Seoul 2010. At the word conferences 2005 and 2000 my students also got "Outstanding Doctoral Research Award!". It seems I have had the most gifted Forest Genetics students in the World for the past fifteen years! It also seems that the path of research I chosen has been the right in the opinion of the international research community. After this success I probably keep a closer link with forest genetics 2010 than I planned for in the autumn.

I celebrated my retirement by planting Giant Sequoia in the Taurus mountains in Turkey with my extended family on the retirement day and 67 birthday, it went quiet well.

The Swedish Forest Sector prepared a surprise for me 091029, the inauguration of "Dag Lindgren's lektionssal", a demonstration site in the Forest, where forest tree breeding is visualized on an area where demonstration materials of pine is planted. Jag rekommenderar platsen för besökare, som är intresserade av skogsträdsförädling (35 km NV Umeå)!

I started a home page for this different "memorials".

Treebreedex arranges a poplars breeding strategy book-chapter, I inform the editors that this article may be relevant:
Li H, Lindgren D, Danusevicius D, Cui J 2005. 
Theoretical analyses of testing efficiency in long-term breeding of poplar. Journal of Forestry Research 16:275-280. I would be happy to send a copy (yet no-one asked).

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