The Hann. Mnden Meeeting March, 2009 (Madrid feb 2008)

Delineation of breeding zones
My contribution to the Hann Mnden Meeting is partly developed from my lectures at meeting in Madrid 2008, those are shown on the same page

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Abstract Swedish targets   Abstract Warming

A Canadian newsletter about seed transfer
Global warming response. Comments to Swedish breeders.

There is a web tool for advicing Sweden on suitable material for a site:
The tool "Planter's guide" in English for choice of regeration material
Verktyget "plantval" in Swedish (more elaborated)
A description of planters guide

The Madrid Meetings February 2008

Adaptive Traits Needed for Breeding Zones Delineation  25th - 26th February 2008
Presentation: Dag Lindgren :Targets in Swedish Tree Improvement of Scots pine and Norway spruce. Sweden uses targets and target areas rather than fixed zones.
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Plasticity Adaptation in Forest Trees  Madrid (Spain), 27th - 29th February 2008
(note a forest adaptation meeting in Ume announced
Dag Lindgren: Modelling the performance over a range of sites using genetic flexibility (plasticity). A method and program for analysing and evaluating the quantitative consequences of zone size and width of genetic components for a plantation material by aid of the Caushy function and a parabolic approximation was made and application for Scots pine in Sweden was presented. An analyse of "Planters guide" was presented.
Long abstract
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Site Nr&Range  link to a place where I have an EXCEL sheet for the calculations....

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Past meeting of possible relevance to the two meetings above
Seed transfer: what we know? Graupa (Germany) 13-16/01/2008 (Pesentations at TREEBREEDEX intranet)

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