Around and after Dag Lindgren´s retirement

From many points of view Dag Lindgren will be a professor, who got many memorials. Some of them are rather unique (no-one else get something similar).

Standard retirement in Sweden is at 65, but if you want you may stay till 67, which I did.

When Dag Lindgren became 65 years (070927)

At 65 I had served exactly 30 year as "full" professor in forest genetics (I was appointed 771001 by governmental decision!), but as I actually retired two years later it was

·         A seed orchard conference took place 070926-070928

·         The dissertation by Finnvid Prescher 070928. I was fortunately not aware of that you could postpone retirement when Finnvid took up PhD studies and we agreed on the date of Finnvid´s dissertation, otherwise he would have consumed too much time from his employer. Finnvid dissertation comes back later on this page: "hat-trick".

·         The inauguration of a system with dedicated clones 070928.____

·         A seed orchard was named after Dag Lindgren - but its field plantation has been postponed till 2012-13! ____

·         The launching of an IUFRO Working Party for seed orchards took actually place on my 65 year birthday 070927 (although it took a year for IUFRO with the formalities....)

When Dag Lindgren became 67 years 090927 and retired 090930.

·         "Dag Lindgrens lecture Hall" is a forest genetic demonstration site 35 km drive from Umeå. More information on this link..
 A road description and how it can be combined with some other visits. ____

·         Sequoia plantings in Turkey I spend the last days around retirement in Turkey making plantations, some of those will hopefully last for millennia to come!

·         Artikel VK familjesidan 2009

Later: Dag Lindgren - professor emeritus - Forest Genetics

·         For the third time in row ("hat trick") students to the same supervisor (Dag Lindgren) got IUFROs Outstanding Doctorand Research Award __This has never happened in the history of IUFRO before!

·         Successful presentations at the IUFRO worldconference in Seoul  Note that I was the only Swede who got his presentation downloadable from the conference program (thus prestigious enough to be on the list and active enough to allow my presentation)

·         Artikel PlantAktuellt 2010

·         A certificate of appreciation signed by the IUFRO president It was just mentioned in IUFRO Annual report 2010 news after the world conference.

·         I was invited to open a seed orchard conference in Turkey May 2012 with an introductory paper on seed orchards

·         At the conference I was given a carpet with my picture on it.

·         At the conference I renewed my association with a PhD in seed orchards (Tomas Funda), who probably due to my interference now (early 2014) is postdoc at Umeå and his wife (Irena Fundova) is a doctorand of Forest Genetics in Umeå. Might be I created 10% of the future senior scientists at Umeå.

·         An existing seed orchard was actually baptized “Dag Lindgren” 130930!

·         I think – although it is not documented – that I was an important player in the wolf game 2011-2013 culminating in the parliamentary decision 131210, and feel rather certain my involvement resulted in one hundred wolves less 2015-2018 compared to a world there I had not interfered. The wolf webs I operated are listed below, where it can be followed what I and others did. I did not care about lynx and bear, but pointed out - in a connection so it could be heard listeners with a direct link into the government machinery, that the long term sustainability calculations Naturvårdsverket used were done in a way tending to overestimate the need of many animals. As a after construction I think that contributed to that the government suggested and the parliament decided lower values than Naturvårdsverket, and thus it will be some fewer lynx and bears also as innocent bystanders to my wolf involvement.

·         I installed a “Dag Lindgren Award” in autumn 2013, it remains to be seen how it develops.

·         I deliver an invited presentation at a conference in Prague August 2014!

Before 65

I was awarded:

KSLAs guldmedalj. (Gold Medal of the Academy of Forestry and Agricultural Sciences 2005), ”för internationellt uppmärksammade nya teorier och matematiska modeller inom kvantitativ genetik tillämpade på praktisk skogsträdsförädling.”

Honorary professor at the Czech Agricultural University 2006 … The guy who shot the photo in the pdf file of me got the same award five years later and I brought him to Prague as he was planned to visit me, but I could neither say no to Prague or let him sit alone in Umeå, and I guess he would not have got the award without me.. Since that, they count me to “the Prague” group, so I go to Prague August 2014 for an invited presentation.

Mixed times

A sign of scientific recognition is that the nicest female participants at conferences enjoy being photographed in your neighborhood….

I got the last word once…
It concerns the Republic of Korea. The Korean forest research was till 1997 organized in two institutes. One was Forest Genetics Research Institute and another for other forest research. A very pleasing organization for a forest geneticist. But because of an economic crises the two institutes were merged. Therefore a series of Research reports were ended after 33 years and the last paper published in the last issue of the research report was authored by me. Thus Korea gave me the last word! The paper is Lindgren D & Kang KS. 1997. Status number - a useful tool for tree breeding Research Report of the Forest Genetic Research Institute of Korea 33:154-165.

Connection grandparents - grandchildren

Katarina and Dag got two children. Each of them got two children, thus we have four grandchildren. Two published studies were on the balance of grandparents vs. grandchildren. Summary on family web. The names of the EXCEL programs used was after grandchildren, but only the two oldest. The results of the studies were later confirmed; this was good breeding ideas. Summary on SLU web

Ancestors and forest genetics...

My maternal grandfather was a pioneer in fertility variation research a century ago. He was also mentoring Wahlund, who coined a concept describing genetic structure of populations

Parents and children…

Our family inventoried west Canada trials 1988 resulting in the following acknowledgement to our kids: “We are grateful to our kids (Anna and Jan Lindgren) for assistance in field work 1988“ (in Lindgren D & Lindgren K (1990). A Canadian-Swedish species genotype environment interaction study. Etc..


I started several blogs (webs) with little connection to forest genetics from retirement and on. Most of it is in Swedish.

Tjernobyl ._. I made a blogg about Chernobyl (Tjernobyl) and may follow up more about Fukushima. I wrote a blogg article Lindgren D (2011): Hur många döda efter Tjernobyl? SLUs forskarblogg 2011-05-06 at This is actually original research, because I used newer dose estimates compared to what others have done (except an American blog, which independently made conclusions similar to mine).

Överlever civilisationen ett sekel?     En blogg som (i ganska pessimistisk anda) spekulerar omkring om vi (dvs. civilisationen) klarar det till 2100

Som sysselsättningsterapi efter pension har jag grubblat en del över den svenska vargen, bland annat konsekvenserna av att den är starkt inavlad och isolerad från den finska vargen. Vargdebatten är mer vital och publik än skogsgenetikdebatten, där det knappast finns ett publikt forum, fast det mesta som sägs är inte särskilt nytt och emotionellt färgat.

Jag har satt upp två vargbloggar:   och    Ett vargdokument på denna webb är: Detta är mest äldre vargspekulationer 2010-11, sedan gick jag över till wordpressbloggarna.

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