Proceedings progress

The table below shows the progress with different parts of the proceedings the state February 16.. If you detect that your presentation can be improved you can send me a new word file (or .pdf file). As long as the number of pages is the same it will be rather easy to replace it here, but as copies of the ready proceedings are already spread, old versions will be circulated. The publication year is 2008 and the pagination final  The size of the proceedings is 15 Mb.
In a few papers I made edits  in Word, e.g removing footers, changing page format to A4... 

First author Page First author Page First author Page First author Page First author Page
Alan 11-12 Foff 60 Jonssen   Matras 165 Ruotsalainen 218
Alizoti 13-15 Fries 70 Kajba   McKeand 177 Shen 221
Almqvist 16-24 Fussi   Kamalakainnen 104 Morigushi 183 Siitonen  
Bilir 25- Gaspar 79 Kang 114 Nicodemus 189 Sindelar  
Byram   Gong 83 Kerr   Nielsen   Vander Mijnsbrugge  
Cengel   Gömöry 242 Kjaer   Nikkanen 195 Wei 229
Chalupka 37 Haapanen   Kleinschmit 115 Nilsson 25? Wennström  
Codesido 43 Hallingbäck   Kowalczyk 126 Pöykkö 199 Initiation 1-8
Lindgren&Dan   Hannerz 88 Lstiburek and El- 155 Reid 204 DNA-discussion 9-10
De Cuyper 53 Hansen   Lindgren&Karls 142 Rosenberg 215 Draft merge effort  
Kroon   Jansons   Markiewicz 161 Rosvall 216 Last page  

The instructions used for proceedings and posters is preserved on a webpage.

Activity 6 arranged for summaries written by observers

Evi Alizoti introduced us to Greek fires

Papers can be entered into merit list or reprints can be extracted or cited e.g. like this:

Hannerz M and Ericsson T 2008. Planter's guide - a decision support system for the choice of reforestation material. In Lindgren D (editor). Proceedings of a Seed Orchard Conference, Umeå, 26-28 September, 2007. 88-94.

Last edit Feb 08