Information of possible interest about dedicated clones at Västerhus

·         Letter to honour clone holders 2007_

·         Letter to honour clone holders 2009 _

·         Letter to honour clone holders 2014 (remains to be written)

·         The Västerhus pine seed orchard has its own homepage. The dedicated clones stand in this seed orchard and other places, Now progeny clones to some Västerhus clones are produced for new seed orchards.

·         The IUFRO working party seed orchards. __!

·         Dags fröplantagesida med material om fröplantager mer i allmänhet_

·         _List of honorary clones and clone holders  Twenty five honorary clones were assigned 2007, two 2008 and the last 2009 (at the seed orchard meeting in Korea).

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Ola Rosvall leaves his position at Skogforsk (but keep on with much of what he has done) at new year 2012. As a gift he got signatures on a board made from a surplus tree of his dedicated clone from Västerhus. So we keep some link with the past here! He is now consultant.



Has Dag not got a clone dedicated? Well, Dag Lindgren got a full honorary seed orchard ("Dag Lindgren").__ There are some who will get their dedicated genes from Västerhus transmitted to “Dag Lindgren”. Three clones in Västerhus grow also in “Dag Lindgren” and will thus get their life as clones prolonged some decades and contribute more to future forests. Those lucky are: Run Peng Wei, Katarina Lindgren and Gösta Eriksson. Their dedicated clones were also used in a seed orchard established 2012 by Holmen, “Öden”. Those who will get offspring from their dedicated clones in “Dag Lindgren” and thus get grandchildren of their dedicated clones in the seed crop are: Seppo Ruotsalainen, Shen Xi-Huan, Urban Eriksson, Nebi Bilir, Anders Fries, Xiao Ru Wang and Yoshinari Morugushi. The clone in Västerhus (Y4508) dedicated to Nebi Bilir got two offspring in “Dag Lindgren”: 11-067 (Y4508xY4500, where the dedicated clone is mother) and 86-398 (Y4501xY4508, where the dedicated clone is father).

__Failed application for half sib forstery harvests 2009 (I still urge forestry in their own interest to arrange something like this)

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