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The tutorials of Tree Breeding Tools have been improved

Breeding for resistance against biotic and abiotic factors.

Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees

Meeting in Denmark, September 8 to 11th  -  2004


From FAO: Biosecurity and Forests: An Introduction with particular emphasis on forest pests


Long-term breeding presentations.

A joint conference of multiple working parties related to breeding and genetic resource management of IUFRO Division 2 will be held November 1-5, 2004, in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

A research school in Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding has been initiated in Sweden. Eleven doctorands and two assistant professors have been recruited.

A plant breeding Nordic-Baltic post graduate course is arranged in Norway in June 2004. Forest tree breeding post graduate students or active workers or breeders are welcome. Information is also available at NOVA web:

International IUFRO Conference of the WP2.08.03 on Silviculture and Improvement of Eucalypts 11-15 October, 2004
The information available on this site at late Nov 03 early Oct 03 and mid Aug 03 (links in information sometimes does not work any more).

Swedish News:

Mr. Ryogo Nakada, the Japanese Tree Breeding Institute kommer att hålla tre seminarier i Uppsala som belyser möjligheter att förbättra skogsträds ved- och fiberegenskaper, klicka för närmare information.

Skogsstyrelsen skär ned på genetik

RGS sammanträder 4-5 maj i Skåne. Man kan komma åt några länkar i samband med detta här.

I (with Anders Fries and Jan-Erik Nilsson) changed office at end of March 2004. My email and mailing address remain unchanged. The new office is situated on floor 6,   ( ) on the same campus, but in another building. I have changed office telephone to 786 8217, my earlier fax does not work any more, use instead +46 (0)90 786 81 65.

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