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International IUFRO Conference of the WP2.08.03 on Silviculture and Improvement of Eucalypts 11-15 October, 2004
The book Eucalyptus Plantations – Research, Management and Development has recently been published and is available for sale .

A research school in forest genetics and tree breeding has been initiated in Sweden. Two assistant professors will be nominated. Eleven post-graduated students will be recruited within the near future.

There are plenty of biotech links, this is an informative one about transgenic crops

"Applied Forest Tree Improvement" by Bruce Zobel and John Talbert has been out-of-print, but has recently been reprinted, follow link!

Links to forest genetic and tree breeding organizations. Please, inform me about the best link to your organization if you think it should be included in the list or if the link representing your organization should be improved!

A plant breeding Nordic-Baltic post graduate course is arranged in Norway in June 2004. Forest tree breeding post graduate students or active workers or breeders are welcome. Information is also available at NOVA web:

Train your skills in plant breeding! (exe.program for play and training).

Forest Genetic resources: their use and conservation A conference held in Húsavík, Iceland, August 27-29, 2003 by the Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees. Information about the meeting, my lecture (about the number of clones in seed orchards) abstract and slide show and some pictures.

FAO Electronic Forum on Biotechnology is planning to run its next e-mail conference on marker assisted selection. If you are interested in that, please join the conference. If you have other interests in biotech, some of the past conferences could be of interest.

Annual bulletin Forest Genetic Resources, produced by FAO's Forest Resources Development Service

Course on Statistical methods in Genetics, 5p,    03-11-04 - 04-01-12  Department of Mathematical Statistics, Umeå University

Reading, which I consider useful as introduction to the theory of gene diversity in forest tree breeding (it is also available as a slideshow) and gene diversity in seed orchards.

T Did you know that the Scandinavian countries (including Sweden) are among the best in the World ("World Social Leader") and has been on the top since long?
A similar impression gives
Human Development Report 2002, (E.g Table A1 in chapter 1)
Corruption is low on a comparative scale, as compared by Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index!
Well, well, well this is a sad statistics to me, I do not think we are that good, and is it worse everywhere else, the World is a very inefficient place!


The background to our institution (the Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology) was written as the department is now 25 years old. Now it seems that I will be transferred to another house at March 2004. Probably our activity will be strengthened by the "research school" at about the same time. My address and affiliation will remain the same. We are thinking about some activity to mark the end of "the corridor" for those who spent a time in it. If you belong to them, your input would be appreciated!

A Course in Thailand in tropical forestry targeting for Nordic students. Nordic tree breeders (including me) get more and more involved in Tropical countries, so some research student in tree breeding or forest genetics may see this as a good idea.

The information available on this site at early Oct 03 and mid Aug 03 (links in information sometimes does not work any more).

Nordic News in Scandinavian:

Nordiska skogsbrukets frö och plantråd, där för närvarande Lennart Ackzell är ordförande och Carina Strömberg sekreterare, har en hemsida. Där kan man bl a hitta planer på och dokumentation från konferenser och temadagar och länkar.

Swedish News:

Nedanstående föreskrifter är viktiga för svensk skogsgenetik, de baseras på EU-direktiv och har först nyligen i sin helhet blivit tillgängliga på nätet
Skogsstyrelsens föreskrifter om produktion för saluföring, saluföring samt införsel för saluföring av skogsodlingsmaterial
Bilagor till sksfs2002:2

A seminar about long-term breeding is planned for February 20 (Friday), 2004. at Umeå.

A forest genetics seminar will take place at November 28, start at 9.15 at Enen, Skogis, Umeå.


Ideas for cooperation between Sweden faculty of Forestry Umeå and tropical forestry on:

Ideas for cooperation between Sweden and south Asia on

Senaste årsrapport från det första cooperativet i södra USA, lägg märke till att i historiken överst på sid 10 utpekas Åke Gustavsson, den första professorn i skogsgenetik i Sverige, som den tändande gnistan till förädlingen i södra USA.

Föreningens planerade sammanträde 17 november 2003 har senarelagts och kommer istället att äga rum 15 december, det har kommit in ansökningar på knappt 30 miljoner!

RGS sammanträder 4-5 maj i Skåne.

GMO finns ju många länkar till, en på jordbruksverket som sätter myndighetsaspekten i centrum finns här


SLU har ett forskningspolitiskt dokument på

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