Some presentations in English by Dag Lindgren


Lindgren D 2014-08-25 Prague “Seed orchards and supporting breeding

Opening lecture at the Turkey 2012 seed orchard conference

 Lindgren D, Westin J & Prescher F 2010. Seed orchards in a warm future. 

Lindgren D, Danusevičius D, Högberg K-A, Weng Y, Hallingbäck HR. 2010. Relatives in seed orchards and clone mixtures.  

  Genetic trial networks Warzawa2010

 Breeding cycler Orleans091013.ppt

 Breeding without breeding Korea 090909

 Warming and seed orchards Korea 090910

 Optimisation of long term breeding including grandparental balance 080915

 Family forestry - full sibs amplified by vegetative propagation Finland 080910

Long term breeding

Dag Lindgren :Targets in Swedish Tree Improvement of Scots pine and Norway spruce.   At adaptive Traits Needed for Breeding Zones Delineation, Madrid,  25th - 26th February 2008 PowerPoint show

Dag Lindgren: Modelling the performance over a range of sites using genetic flexibility (plasticity). At plasticity Adaptation in Forest Trees  Madrid (Spain), 27th - 29th February 2008. PowerPoint show 

Danusevičius D Lindgren D and Rosvall O 2008 Deployment of clones to seed orchards when candidates are related

Genetic diversity and seed orchards – yesterday and tomorrow – pros and cons. Frostavallen 2006

Dag Lindgren: Norway spruce breeding in Sweden is based on clone testing. Was initially given at Poland 2007 but  updated at two later occations 2008: In Kaunas in April and Ekebo in May 2008.

Dag Lindgren: Seed collection - Can we improve the unimproved seeds? Umeå UPSC 070510

Dag Lindgren: Förädlingssynpunkter. Swenglish. Slideshow  Ekebo 07-03-20

Dag Lindgren and Run-Peng Wei 2006. Low-input tree breeding strategies. Slideshow given at Antalaya, Turkey 2006.

Do GMO forests have a future in this century? Seminar at Umeå and Canton March 06.

Lindgren D 2005. Unbalances in tree breeding.   Meeting of Nordic forest tree breeders and forest geneticists, Syktyvkar 2005
Slide show

Prescher F, Lindgren D & Varghese M. 2004. Genetic Thinning of Clonal Seed Orchards using Linear Deployment. In Li B & McKeand S Eds Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding in the Age of Genomics: Progress and Future. Conference    Presentation

Stratified Sublining  Poster Charleston 2004

 Dag Lindgren: Optimal number of tested clones in seed orchards, powerpointshow, Conference held in  Húsavík, Iceland, August 27-29, 2003.  

Long term tree breeding as analyzed by the breeding cycler tool, Ekebo and Umeå 2004.

Challenges for the future  (at China Southern Agricultural University 2002-09-06)

Raleigh 03017  "Gene diversity measured by status number and other breeding concepts".

A critical review of the past Swedish tree breeding Kaunas in September 2001 

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