Articles 2000 & 2001

This publication list covers Dag Lindgren's publications 2000-2001. There are usually abstracts or other documentation, which can be read by clicking or downloading. The list may include papers which are printed only in dissertations. It may also sometime link to full articles or link to programs which are on or connected to this web site and illustrate features or implement methods which are mentioned in the article.


Fries A, Lindgren D, Ying CC, Ruotsalainen S, Lindgren K, Elfving B, Karlmats U 2000. The effect of temperature on site index in western Canada and Scandinavia estimated from IUFRO Pinus contorta provenance experiments. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30: 921-929.

Kang K-S, Lindgren D & Bila AD 2000. Fertility variation and its effect on genetic diversity over generations in finite populations. In (Edited by Baskaran Krishnapillay et al.) Forests and society : the role of research : XXI IUFRO World Congress. Vol. 2. Sub-plenary sessions, abstracts. p 50. ISBN 983-2181-09-7

LINDGREN D and YING CC 2000. A model integrating seed source adaptation and seed use, NEW FOREST 20: (1) 87-104 JUL 2000 There is an EXCEL sheet (ADAPTATION.XLS) which can be used for viewing the consequences of using a genetic material over a range of sites and recruiting the material for a seed orchard.

Lindgren D. 2000 Low-intensity tree breeding. In Lundkvist K (editor). Rapid generation turnover in the breeding population and low-intensity breeding. Department of Forest Genetics, Uppsala, SLU, Sweden. Research Notes 55: 37-48.

Lindgren D. 2000. Variations in fertility in tree populations and their genetic implications.  In 78 years in the world of forest genetics. Symposium in Forest Genetics in honour of the retirement of decent Inger Ekberg and Professor Gösta Eriksson. Department of Forest Genetics, Uppsala, SLU, Sweden. Booklet, Abstract: 16.

Olsson T. Lindgren D. Ericsson T. 2000.Group merit selection and restricted selection among full-sib progenies of Scots pine. Forest Genetics 7(2):137-144.    The article is built on group merit selection using Thuy Olsson's program selection tool..

Ruotsalainen S, Lindgren D 2000. Stratified sublining: a new option for structuring breeding populations. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30: 596-604.

Ruotsalainen S, Lindgren D, Mullin TJ 2000. Some formulas concerned with pollen contamination have constrained use in Lindgren and Mullin (1998). Relatedness and status number in seed orchard crops. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30: 333-333.


Bila AD, Kang K-S, Harju AM and Lindgren D. 2001. Fertility variation in forest tree populations. (submitted manuscript to Forestry), “printed” in Kang (2001).

Danusevicius D and Lindgren D 2001. .The clonal testing strategy– the highway for long-term breeding of Norway spruce? Application of a simulator for long term breeding  Poster at Nordic Group for management of genetic resources. Meeting in Finland March 23-27 2001.

Kang KS, A.M. Harju D. Lindgren, T. Nikkanen, C. Almkvist and G. U. Suh 2001. Variation of ramet number and effective number of clones in seed orchards. New Forests,, 21: 17-33, The ORCHARDMANAGER workbook could be of interest.

Kang,  KS, Lindgren.D and T.J. Mullin. 2001. Prediction of genetic gain and gene diversity in seed orchard crops under alternative management strategies. TAG 103; 1099-1107.  

Kang, K.S., Bila, A.D., Lindgren, D. and Choi, W.Y. 2001. Predicted drop in gene diversity over generations in the population where the fertility varies among individuals. Silvae Genetica 50: 200-205. “Printed” in Kang (2001),

Kang, K.S., Lai, H.-L. and Lindgren, D. 2001. Using single family in reforestation: gene diversity concerns. (manuscript). “Printed” in Kang (2001).

Kang, K.S., Kjær E.D.and Lindgren D. 2001. Balancing gene diversity (status number) and seed production in Corylus avelana L. collections from native Danish populations.. “Printed” in Kang (2001)

Kang, K.S. and Lindgren, D. 2001. Relatedness, flowering and their effects on gene diversity of seeds in a Pinus thunbergii clonal seed orchard in Korea. “Printed” in Kang (2001)

Lindgren, D 2001. Genmodifierade träd är avlägset för praktiskt skogsbruk. Skog & Forskning  2001 (2):16-18.

Lindgren D 2001.Tree Breeding Tools (TBT). "Arker" assisted selection Invited paper at Nordic Group for management of genetic resources. Meeting in Finland March 23-27 2001.Summary and  Slideshow presented

Olsson, T., Lindgren, D. and Li, B. 2002. Balancing Genetic Gain and Relatedness in Seed Orchards. Silvae Genetica: 50:222-227  “Printed” in Olsson (2001).

Ruotsalainen S & Lindgren D 2001 Number of founders for a breeding population using variable parental contribution Forest Genetics  8:59-68.

Sonesson, J, Bradshaw, R, Lindgren D & Ståhl P 2001. Ecological evaluation of clonal forestry with cutting-propagated Norway spruce.  SkogForsk Report 1: 59 pages. A link within  SkogForsk's web to the whole text is planned in the future, at present it can only be obtained on paper from SkogForsk for 130 SEK + etc.

Wei, R.-P. & Lindgren, D 2001 Optimum breeding generation interval considering build-up of relatedness. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.31: (4 ) 722-729 APR.  Some  feature making use of the technique suggested in this paper in  GAINPRED_ADVANCED2001.XLS and BREEDING CYCLER.

Wei, R.-P., Lindgren K. & Lindgren, D. 2001. Maternal environment effects on cold hardiness and height indicated in lodgepole pine seedlings Silvae Genetica 50:252-257.

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