The Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees or whatever...

 GENECAR takes nowadays care about the nordic cooperation and this page does not give the history after 2007.

Sweden Umeå 23-25 September Application of DNA based tools for genetic research, molecular breeding, management and monitoring of genetic resources. There is also a conference about seed orchards at Umeå 26-28 September which allthough it is not formally a Nordic meeting still serves a similar function

2006 no Nordic meeting.

2005 Russia (Syktyvkar, Komi) Status, monitoring and targets for breeding programs  September 13-15, 2005.Dag L collection. This meeting was not financed or sponsored by sources for Nordic cooperation or GeneCAR, but was still held because some people felt for going on with the tradition of Nordic meetings. There is a proceedings published and on the net. There was a starting up meeting for GENECAR (see below).

2004 Denmark Breeding for resistance against biotic and abiotic factors. Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees. Meeting in Denmark, September 8 to 11th - 2004 No proceeding or link.

2003 Iceland  Forest Genetic resources: their use and conservation A conference held at  Húsavík, Iceland, August 27-29, 2003 by the Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees Dag L collection Proceeding: Eysteinsson T (Ed.) 2004. “Forest Genetic resources – their use and conservation” Abstracts of a conference by the Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees. Rit Mogilsar Rannsoknastödvar Skograktar 2.

2002 Scotland Clonal Forestry - who are you kidding? The meeting proceedings was "published" as slide shows presented at the net.

2001 Finland Integrating tree breeding and forestry  Proceedings: Haapanen, Matti & Mikola, Jouni. 2002. Integrating Tree Breeding and Forestry - Proceedings of the Nordic Group for Management of Genetic Resources of Trees, meeting at Mekrijärvi,Finland, March 23-27, 2001, Metsäntutkimuslaitoksen tiedonantoja 842. 112 p.

Annual Nordic forest geneticists/tree breeders meetings have been a tradition since the 50ies, starting with provenance research and seed procurement. The concept “Nordic” has been extended, first to include Scotland and later to the Baltic countries. It seemed a logic next step to approach Russia 2005. During the previous years all countries earlier involved were visited, so 2005 seemed the right moment to try something fresh!

The Nordic group reorganised around 2005 as GeneCAR, which was mainly focused on the activities of the Forest Research Institutes. The support to Nordic cooperation in Forest Genetics trebled 2005 compared with the situation till 2004, as earlier only annual meetings were supported by SNS (Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee)

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