Annual Meeting of Nordic Tree Breeders and Forest Geneticists 2005

Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia at September 13-15, 2005.

Status, monitoring and targets for breeding programs

The conference was arranged by Institute of Biology, Komi Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences.  

Proceedings from the conference. have been printed and sent to participants. The proceedings are available on the GENECAR web! The proceedings are also on the IUFRO web!

Fedorkov A (editor) 2005. Status, monitoring and targets for breeding programs. Proceedings of the meeting of Nordic forest tree breeders and forest geneticists, Syktyvkar 2005, ISBN 5-89606-249-4: 1-.

Main organizer was Aleksey Fedorkov. There were around 41 participants from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Russia. 23 oral presentations and 7 posters were presented during two indoor days. During a one day excursion experiments of joint interest were visited.  An experiment the Swedish Scotch pine and an experiment in being with seeds from Swedish seed orchards of lodgepole pine and a common experiment with larch are launched. The number and activity of participants proves that there is room for annual Nordic meetings!

Mangfold has published a notice about the meeting;

Lectures, posters and proceeding contributions where Dag Lindgren is involved have an own webplace.

The Nordic forest genetic/tree breeders meeting has been a tradition since the late 60ies. The concept “Nordic” has been exended, first to comprise Scotland and later to the Baltic countries, it seemed a logic next step to approach Russia. It has been a logic step for the Nordic cooperation to come to Russia. Northern  Russia harbours a larger gene resource than the Nordic countries combined concerning the most important species Scots pine, Norway spruce, birch and larch. This resource was till now poorly tested in the Nordic countries, but now relevant experiments with Komi pine in Sweden are planted.

An informative article about Forests a Forestry in NW Russia

A travel report (in Finnish) with many pictures is available.

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