A Canadian-Swedish species genotype environment interaction study

A sign at the Whitehorse trial

Lindgren D & Lindgren K 1990. A Canadian-Swedish species genotype environment interaction study. Paper 2.209 published in Proceedings from Joint Meeting of Western Forest Genetics Association and IUFRO Working Parties Douglas-fir, Contorta Pine, Sitka Spruce and Abies Breeding and Genetic Resources in Olympia, August 1990.

Lindgren D  1990  State of Canadian Swedish Experiment 1990
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page 11-21
page 22-37
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The experiment at Whitehorse was measured by a school class 2007 and summary of the data are placed here.

Some emails from 2007 connected to Whitehorse

Some emails from 2008 connected to Whitehorse

Data from the Swedish (Umeň) site Renberget (data structure may be studied and comparison with Whitehorse made).

Presentation by Bj÷rn Elfving Feb 11