Some articles from the 90th

Here I offer some articles, where I do not think copy-right considerations prevents this type of spreading of the material. The material is difficult to access via the ordinary library organisation and not printed by professional printers. The files may not represent the final printed version of the document. Even if I do not claim the copyright, others (other authors or some copy-right owner) may do, so use the material as careful as you would with a photocopy.

The articles can be directly viewed and fetched from the directory
although some of them can be seen by clicking on them.

Note that articles released after 1999 are reached through other pages

Some of the articles offered are:

Lindgren D. 1995. Radiatatallen på Nya Zeeland. In Swedish. Föreningen Skogsträdsförädling. Årsbok 1994, pp 6-24.

Lindgren D & Mullin TJ 1997. Genetic variance within a full sib family. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology. Arbetsrapport 55:1-4.

Lindgren D & Kang KS. 1997. Status number - a useful tool for tree breeding Research Report of the Forest Genetic Research Institute of Korea 33:154-165.

Lindgren D & Karlsson B 1993. Cheaper improved Norway spruce seeds for Sweden. In  Rone V (editor). Norway spruce provenances and breeding.  Proceedings of  IUFRO (S2.2-11)  Symposium  in Latvia, 14-18 September, 1993. Latvian Forestry Research Institute, Riga. Pp 224- 230.

Lindgren D & Persson A. 1997. Vitalization of results from provenance tests. In: Mátyás C (ed). Perspectives of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding in a Changing World. IUFRO World Series; Vol 6: 73-85. ISBN 3-901347-07-0.

Lindgren D & Lindgren K. 1997. Long distance pollen transfer may make gene conservation difficult. In: Kurm M and Tamm Y (editors), Conservation of Forest Genetic resources. Nordic Group for Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Meeting in Estonia June 3-7, 1996. Estonian Agricultural University, Tartu. SBN 9985-830-11-3. Forestry studies 28:51-62.

Rosvall O, Lindgren D & Ruotsalainen S 1999. Högre vinst utan diversitetsförlust. (In Swedish). Föreningen skogsträdsförädling Årsbok 1998, pp 9-16.

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