Poland 07

Concluding documents from conference End document  another version Dendrobiology Vol 61 supplement: 5-6.

Some comments on IUFRO 64/68 in Sweden and the relevance of northern Poland to Sweden

Two photos: Conference and Dag Lindgren saying thanks at conference dinner

Photo show from the conference

Announcements and program

Dag Lindgren´s presentation in proceedings as

Lindgren D 2009. Picea abies breeding in Sweden is based on clone testing. Dendrobiology Vol 61 supplement: 79-82.

Link to dendrobiology: http://www.idpan.poznan.pl/index.php/dendrobiology.html

Powerpoint show

The powerpoint show was updated and shown at two occations 2008: In Kaunas in April and in Ekebo in May 2008.

I suggested a "breeding without breeding" variant for Norway spruce in the lecture. That means to replace controlled crosses with open pollination and father identification by molecular markers. This variant has since the suggestion been experimentally tested. The method is technically feasible, and it is from an operational breeding point of view approximately equivalent with the conventional breeding method. Parallell uses of both methods in operational breeding are needed and recommended to get a clearer picture of what method is most breeding economic. A readable manuscript exists.

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