Links to some websites Dag Lindgren finds relevant and interesting

The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden - SkogForsk, Sweden.

Föreningen skogsträdsförädling  (Association of Forest tree breeding)

Forskarskolan genetik och förädling (the research school for forest genetic and breeding)

IUFRO 2.04.02 Breeding theory and progeny testing - a newsletter, a forum, announcement about meetings and courses.

IUFRO WP 2.09.01 Seed Orchards (IUFRO homepage). Major web site of the Seed Orchard Working Party.

Dendrome - Tree genetics site. Meetings, jobs, list of forest geneticists, Newsletter which stopped to work some years ago.

GeneCAR - continues the tradition with Nordic research cooperation and annual meetings.

The Swedish Institute - Among other information fact sheets about Sweden from the Swedish Institute (suitable background for foreign visitors)!


Forest Genetic Council in British Columbia - Some documents I find relevant for different aspects on tree breeding

Nordgen - skog: tidigare Nordiska Skogsbrukets Frö och Plantråd -

SNS (Body for Nordic Forest Research) Link to connection between Sweden and south Asia,

Department of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics, Uppsala, Sweden (earlier there was another forest genetic group in Sweden there, but it has vanished)

Forest Genetic Field Trials - Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Umeå, Sweden

Dag Lindgren - Personal professional home page


Western Forest Genetics Association   - North American association which arranges regular meetings, list of meetings.
Vi skogsägare
Some symposia:
Proceedings available: Aronen, Tuija, Nikkanen, Teijo & Tynkkynen, Tiina (eds.). 2009. Vegetative propagation of conifers for enhancing landscaping and tree breeding.. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 114. 80 s. ISBN 978-951-40-2154-1:

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