Curriculum Vitae

Dag Lindgren



Born near Stockholm, September 27, 1942. Citizen in Sweden. Married. Two adult kids and four grand-kids.


Formal education                                                                 

School                                    Year                       Degree                    Major subjects

attended                awarded               

Katedralskolan, Uppsala    1958-62                 Studentexamen    Natural Sciences

University of Uppsala        1962-64                 Fil kand (=BSc)    Mathematics, Physics

University of Stockholm    1965-68                 Fil lic (=MSc)       Radiation Biology

University of Lund              1971-71                 Fil lic (=MSc)       Genetics - Plant breeding

Royal College of Forestry 1971-75                 F D (=Ph D)          Forest Genetics

Besides major subjects: University studies in meteorology, natural conservation and mathematical statistics.



Assistant professor, Royal College of Forestry, Stockholm                                                                        1971-1977

"Full" professor of Forest Genetics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences                                        1977-2009


Main responsible for arranging and editing proceedings for four international conferences:

1986    Provenances and forest tree breeding for high latitudes

1991    Pollen contamination in seed orchards

1992    Pinus contorta - from untamed forest to domesticated crop

2007    Seed orchards (


Student supervision

Supervisor (“main supervisor”) for examined PhDs (current job): Jan-Erik Nilsson (senior scientist, Umeå); Eleonor White (senior scientist emeritus, Victoria, British Columbia) , Anders Fries (senior scientist, Umeå), Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson (1992, director of the Forest Research Institute of Iceland), Bengt Andersson (1992, head of conifer breeding for northern Sweden and adjunct professor tree breeding, Umeå),  Lennart Ackzell (1994, Foreign liason officer, Association of Forest Owners, Sweden, Jönköping), Tore Ericsson (1994, tree breeder, Umeå, retired); Run-Peng Wei (1995, R&D leader operations, Cathay Forest, Shanghai); Ola Rosvall (1999, research director, SkogForsk, Umeå); Erik Andersson (1999, Director at the Regional Board Development Institute at Östersund, JiLu); Adolfo Bila (2000, senior lecturer, Maputo); Kyu-Suk Kang (2001, team leader, Korea); Thuy Olsson (2001, flower operations manager). Torgny Persson (2001, “licentiate”, tree breeder, Umeå); Seppo Routsalainen (2002, Scots pine breeder, Finland). Finnvid Prescher (2007, seed manager for around half the Swedish forest seeds).


Three in a row of my students got IUFRO Outstanding Doctoral Research Award. Run-Peng Wei 2000, Kyu-Suk Kang 2005 and Finnvid Prescher 2010.


Main scientific interests:

Quantitative genetics, Forest tree breeding, Breeding theory (develop tools to help breeders make better decisions), Simulation, Gene diversity measured as relatedness, Coancestry, Inbreeding, Seed orchard theory and function, Seed orchard deployment, Reproductive output of seed orchards, Gene migration, After effects, "Breeding without breeding", Site index and climate and Population genetics.


Foreign experience

Visiting scientist in Canberra (CSIRO Division of Forest Research) for 6 months, worked in some places in North-America (Corvallis, Berkeley, Raleigh) and China (Beijing) for some weeks, visiting scientist at New  Zealand Forest Research Institute for half a year 1994-95, visiting professor at NCSU, Raleigh, USA for five months 2002/03.. Run an experimental series in western Canada with Canadian counterparts. Frequent interactions with scientists and breeders from many countries (see e g publications and student supervision). I have had discussions and reviewed plans, proposals and manuscripts concerned with forest genetics and breeding operations all over the world. I am the host to visiting scientists. Lists are found on my website. I was an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University, US.


Other professional

I am author of around 300 “scientific papers” (around 100 in Web of Science), the list increases by around ten titles per year of which four are in peer reviewed scientific journals, lists can be found on my web.

I run an FTP-site for forest tree breeding and genetics: (, where a number of programs and documents I have made are available to the world mainly to support efficient tree breeding and some information given. I’ll got a gold medal from the Royal Academy for Forestry and Agriculture (2005). I am honorary professor at Czech University of Agriculture (2006). A seed orchard carries my name as an acknowledgement of my role in seed orchard research.



Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

S - 901 83 UMEÅ, Sweden


mobile 070 399 2481



Residence: Marmorv 133, S - 907 42 UMEÅ, tel ..090.193860


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