Awards 2013 has been given to Takeshi Torimaru. his work in seed orchard research has been innovative and in the centre of understanding “pollination” in seed orchards, which is useful for seed orchard development and management. His work has resulted in several recent publications connected to Swedish seed orchards and backing up breeding. His work reflects cooperation between Umeå University, SLU and Skogforsk in a cooperative environment at Umeå. Västerhus seed orchard, which was an objective to several studies. will be replaced by a new seed orchard inaugurated autumn 2013. The most advanced seed orchard established in the previous millennium is replaced by the most advanced seed orchard till now in the present millennium. Some of the clones in Västerhus have descendants in the new seed orchard. Generation follows each other in trees, in science, in humans and in scientists. The award was installed with the inauguration at this new seed orchard and links it back older seed orchards. It is a new award shared for the first time. Thus scientific quality of the awardee has been a prior concern.

A photo of the awardee with the award diploma and some collaborators in Västerhus and other studies is here

From 2013 awards will be shared to talented forest geneticists. The awards are 20000 SEK with no strings attached. The criteria may be something like the following even if there may be some flexibility: 1) Someone who currently regards himself as forest geneticist or forest tree breeder; 2) a person who has not chosen carrier decision could also be considered if that makes it likely , e. g. a student who made a study in forest genetics as part of the studies; 3) it should be someone who has made a documented god and relevant contribution the last two years before the nomination, e.g. thesis or other examination work, investigation, some journal papers or just dedicated and appreciated work in the area; 4) the work should benefit seed orchards or backing up breeding; 5) it should be someone who those who nominates could recommend for employment in the area 6) the works should be connected to Sweden; 7) it is an advantage if the person lives in Umeå or spent some time where and is likely to continue a cooperation with Umeå people.