Hybridasp GMO försök planeras i Sverige 2010

Seminar in Umeå, Canton and Prague spring 2006.: Is there a future for GMTrees in this century?

The area of GMO in Agriculture may seem large, but it is still a low percentage

Replik i Västerbottenskuriren 080528

There was a webdebate on EFI on GMO in late 2005, no-one else than me made a significant contribution, I lifted most of that contribution to a discussion Forum which has been opened associated to Nordic Council of Forest Reproductive materials. Funkar inte denna länk så kanske denna gör det:, blir intressant att följa om detta försök lyckas bättre än föregångare!.

Some other matters related to GMO are given at::

En ny svensk anti-GMO site

IUFRO task force under Yousry El-Kassaby are mobilizing themselves to a report

Ecovandalism on transgenic birches in Finland

Lindgren, D 2001. Genmodifierade träd är avlägset för praktiskt skogsbruk. Skog & Forskning (2):16-18

FORESTGEN discussion June 2001

The danger of GMO escape

Some links and reading

A Vision about GMO in Future Forests (from Newsletter in June 2002)

FAO Forum 2000-2002

The use of GMO is somewhat associated to gene patenting:

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