Temperature predictor

Heat is a key factor for describing a local environment, and this program can help you to calculate that in Sweden and Finland. The heat sum is a bases for describing localities and genetic materials.

It seems unfortunately impossible to run the program from this site, but you have to download files to your own computer (and windows is required on your computer). View the directory and download TEMPPRED.EXE and VBRUN300.DLL. (Perhaps the later file is already on your computer, but it is easy to download in the same time on the same library anyway.) Documentation can also be downloaded at the same time.

TEMPPRED is a program for evaluating temperature climate for a "forest" location in Sweden or Finland knowing latitude and altitude. TEMPPRED is essentially a smoothing of 30-years monthly averages from most official stations in Sweden and Finland. The averages weights different times of the day equally, thus the program gives mean temperature during the date. Note that stations not representing forest land, thus essentially coastal stations and stations above timber lines, are not included in the smoothing, thus the predictions are not expected to be good e.g. for locations within 10 km from the Baltic coast.

                                                                       spruce in hardy environment

The algorithms used are described in:

Lindgren, Dag 1994. When do temperature events take place in Sweden and Finland? Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Institutionen fˆr skoglig genetik och v‰xtfysiologi. Arbetsrapport 51. ISSN 0280-7998.  The report was printed in August 1994. The report is available on file and I offer it at the same directory as TEMPPRED. It comprises tempdata evaluations for individual major meterological stations in Sweden and Finland. The report was initially in WordPerfect, but I have transcribed it to Word.

Where is also a short study concerning the weather at S‰var (a research, essentially breeding, station outside UmeÂ).

The program was written by Dag Lindgren in Visual Basic. It was not very well-tested. Deviations from real stations are often in the magnitude +-1degree. TEMPPRED requires WINDOWS, and that WINDOWS can find the library file VBRUN300.DLL, to run. The name of the program is TEMPPRED.EXE ("TEMPerature PREDiction") created 1994.

There are results from runs with TEMPRED for typical localities

People working with the program said it was an easy interface, and noone has reported problems running it.

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