Problems with trust and EXCEL macros!

When you open EXCEL, macros may be disabled (it is default). You can lower the safety degree in EXCEL (2003) so you can open Macros (after getting a question if you want that) by:

1 In the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then Security
2 From the Security Level tab, choose medium and when OK.

You can instruct your computer's web-browser that the site is "trusted". In my current Windows Internet Explorer:

Choose “Tools
Choose "Internet Options"
Choose "Security"
Choose "Trusted Sites"
Press "Sites"
Check that the box "Require server verification..." is not marked
Write (in “Add this Web site…”):
Press “Add
Press "OK" (twice)

You can alternatively reach this procedure ("Internet Options") from the “control panel”.

Viruses and bugs
Viruses; bugs; worms; Trojan horses; or other creeps can spread via a site for file and program distribution. When attempting downloading or execution or opening macros from this site, perhaps the browser will issue a warning to do that involving a site, which is not trusted. If macros are disabled it is unlikely the EXCEL workbooks will work as intended!!!  and macros may be disabled automatically by your installation. This web site is on the web-server "Picea" and serves 350 employees. This server is frequently inspected for viruses. You can either regard this website as "trusted" or use a security level below high. This site has during its ten+ years history never spread infected material.

 Last edit 09-04-09