Three Outstanding Doctoral Research works

Dag Lindgren surrounded by three Outstanding Doctoral Research Awardees at IUFRO world conference in Seoul. From left: Run-Peng Wei; Dag Lindgren; Finnvid Prescher and Kyu-Suk Kang.

The International Union of Forest Research (IUFRO) has a world congress each 5th year. The last world congress was in Seoul in August 2010. Previous congresses took place in 2000 and 2005. At these occasions IUFRO shares awards. One Award is "Outstanding Doctoral Research Award" (ODRA). ODRA recognizes outstanding individual achievements and can be regarded as the best recent doctor thesis in the world. ODRA awards are given to the field of each IUFRO division. Division 2 deals with physiology and genetics. There are some hundred PhD thesis to select among at each occasion. This means that three times in a row IUFRO has decided to award PhD students of Dag Lindgren. A term for three successful runs in a row is “hat trick” (used in Sweden).

The latest ODRA awardee is Finnvid Prescher (2010).
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The “ODRA” for Division 2 “physiology and genetics" 2000. 2005 and 2010 are listed in the Table below. The lists of papers in the thesis of the awardees is what finally came out from the thesis chapters.

Year of ODRA






Information or links to information about awardee


Runpeng Wei

List of  papers _

Predicting genetic diversity and optimizing selection in breeding programmes _ _

Lives in Hong-Kong


Kyu-Suk Kang

List of papers _

Genetic gain and gene diversity of seed orchard crops _ _   _

Associated professor at Seoul National University


Finnvid Prescher

List of papers _

_Seed Orchards – Genetic Considerations on Function, Management and Seed Procurement_

 _ _

Photo  Seed manager  Svenska Skogsplantor AB

All made there thesis work at Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå and all had Dag Lindgren as supervisor. The proposals were raised by different persons or organisations, supported by different persons and dealt with different persons in IUFRO awarding committee and board. It ought to be a handicap that these awards were given to students from the same department, the same country, the same supervisor and similar agenda. Thus it cannot be a coincident depending only on unusually bright students, but also the other joint factors must have been important. As far as I understand no ODRA awardee has been identified as a Swede until Finnvid Prescher got it 2010. Wei is identified as Canadian and Kang as Korean.

Dag Lindgren and his three ODRA students, photo taken at Dag Lindgren's 65 year birthday 070927 Suggested text: The supervisor with his three Outstanding Doctoral Research Awardees. From left Run-Peng Wei, Finnvid Prescher, Dag Lindgren and Kyu-Suk Kang. photo: Jan-Erik Nilsson

Article following Kyu-Suks ODRA (Journal for the SLU employee in Swedish)

Features of the three awardees:

Award winners from Brisbane 2005 are presented



XXI IUFRO World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gangying Hui China 2000

Rudolf Kropil Slovakia 2000

Reinhold Muschler Costa Rica/Germany 2000

Volker Radeloff Germany/USA 2000

Jens Peter Skovsgaard Denmark 2000

Rahim Sudin Malaysia 2000

Run-Peng Wei China 2000

XXII IUFRO World Congress, Brisbane, Australia

John G Bellow USA 2005

Eugénie Susanne Euskirchen USA 2005

Christian Gamborg Denmark 2005

Pablo José García Canada 2005

Kyu-Suk Kang Republic of Korea 2005

Sofía Sánchez Orois Spain 2005

Bernard Slippers South Africa 2005