Location and road Vännfors with Dag Lindgrens lecture Hall

Position: 64° 01' 2.61 N”, 19° 55' 54.89” E (WGS84), X= 7107694 Y= 1701706 (RT90), 130 m ö h.

 The position of the trial is marked on Skogforsks Google map, but you must zoom much to see it!!

From Umeå. 35 km = 35 min

Follow E12 west out from Umeå. Immediately before the bridge over Vindelälven turn north.. Road signs Vindeln/Rödåsel/Forsränning

It is 11.6 km from E12. Drive the road east of Vindelälven. Pass Slöjdarnas Hus (lunch or refreshment in season), Östra Spöland, Vännfors

The trial is to the right where “Tavelsjöleden” crosses the road (or ends, D on the map!). There is a road to the right, a large post a parking room for some cars in the crossing (also a smaller road to the left). The fence around the demonstration trial is visible here and the direction is indicated.

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