Photo gallery from the Seed Orchard conference Umeå September 2007

Here some photos shot by during the conference are on show. I got photos from Jan-Erik N, Jan K, Evi A, Davorin K, Run-Peng W, Xiao-Ru W Kyu-Suk K, Wim van Tolkamp and Darius D. A few photos are available on this site by clicking! But there are many more. So I placed almost all slides I received on a public site ("spaces").

Conference group photo

Wim stored a svite of conference photos at a public web, may be the is the best way!

    DNA in seed orchards suggestions
    Dag lecturing  

The Excursion
    Hissjö mature spruce seed orchard
    Eating among remains of Hissjö
    Cone harvest in Alvik (the first crops from a young pine seed orchard)
    The grafts stand in long rows at Alvik

    Old Scots pine grafts at Östteg
    Pollen dispersal study at Östteg
    Norway spruce new cutting seed orchard

The Dissertation
    Dag and Finnvid at the initiation A

Other matters
    Three stylistic trees outside the forest faculty building at Umeå
    Dag and his three doctors with more than 10 papers in their thesis
    The Fire at the shore of the Baltic
    The Fire at the shore of the Baltic

    The WP Seed Orchard Officers
    Parent - offspring in forest genetics