Seed orchard conference

Proceedings:  The proceedings comprise 35 contributions based on presentations at the conference.

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A summary of most of the presentations at the meeting was written by modifiers appointed by Treebreedex Activity 6 and edited by its chair, Gerry Douglas.
The proceedings development including .pdf files of individual contributions is here.

The conference took place at Umeň, Sweden, 26-28 September 2007. There were 90 participants from 27 countries; 36 lectures and 17 posters. There were no concurrent sessions. No "officially" invited papers, all lectures got the same time slot 20 minutes. Presentations were done and occur in proceedings in alphabetic order. Besides presentations and three poster sessions, where was a WP seed orchards business meeting, two discussions, an adjacent TREEPLAN presentation, a dissertation and an excursion.

At the conference an IUFRO unit for seed orchards was organised and a constituary meeting held. At end of April 2008 the Board of IUFRO officially acknowledged the unit as  IUFRO Research Group 02.09.00 Seed Orchards

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Evaluation of the conference

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Organizer: Dag Lindgren (on behalf of Treebreedex, the conference is a part of the Treebreedex, Activity 6). Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, UPSC, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). In cooperation with Skogforsk  Email; Snail-mail: Dag Lindgren, genfys, SLU, SE 901 83 UME┼, Sweden.

Program, campus map, list of posters, list of participants and list of abstracts

Communications, hotels and links - information, Umeň maps here

Finnvid Prescher dissertation was an integrated part of the conference, Finnvid presented a short popularized abstract at the conference dinner.

Excursion guide (arranged by Bengt Andersson)

Background: Seed orchards constitute the cradle for most cultivated forests. Sometimes seed orchards are needed just to get a reliable reproducible seed supply. Seed orchards are the most important interface between forestry on one side and tree breeding and supporting research on the other. By seed orchards we create resources future generations will need: seed orchards are one tool in the fight against global warming; and better seed orchards means a better future World. Seed orchards have through the past decades not been regarded as a new research frontier, but as a mature science. However, knowledge and experiences of seed orchards and their role and management have accumulated during the last decades. Much of these developments have been hidden, because they do not reach the fanciest journals and are a concern only for a few specialists and managers. The conference hopefully was a step to change that.

Before the seed orchard conference where was a GENECAR meeting, September 23-25 at Umeň: "Application of DNA based tools for genetic research, molecular breeding, and management and monitoring of genetic resources". Nearly half of the participants took part in that.

Acknowledgements Sponsoring by the Swedish Association for Forest Tree Breeding and Treebreedex, cooperation with Skogforsk. The most important role to make the conference a success is of course up to the intellectual contributors making the presentations and discussing around them. Help from many, not least some staff members of my department, with arrangements are gratefully acknowledged.


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