Long term management of breeding material

Activity 4:  Structure, Organisation and Long-Term Management of Forest Breeding Material

D 4.2: Optimisation of structure of breeding populations for long-term genetic improvement: Survey of methodological tools


Breeding management - Document Nov2010


Steve Lee suggests We would like you to write a chapter please (10-pages tops) on 'Long-term breeding:  Should I do it? How should I do it? Why should I do it' 


Protocoll Activity 4 2010, where this initiative is discussed in some detail.


Breedes files including files with methodological tools on  http://treebreedex.eu/spip.php?rubrique55



Orleans meeting about breeding strategies    Zip - 52.7 Mb

Cost benefit inquiry (including advancement and BP size)

act.2 30 sept. 2010 Costs and Benefits Survey L.Paques
Costs and Benefits survey Word - 591.5 kb





Swedish breeding review - ongoing

Swedish breeding review - final




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