IUFRO Research Group 2.09.00 Seed orchards (upgraded from WP 2.09.01)

Draft to notes from business meeting 07-09-27

Written by Kyu-Suk Kang (coordinator) in discussion with Nebi Bilir, Dag Lindgren and David Reid.

Agenda (motions) were as following,

1. Casting vote for officials; Dag Lindgren had in discussion with some others nominated officers. A poll was made before the conference. The outcome was 11 agrees and 0 disagree. The matter was however raised by two voters of an additional unnamed North American deputy and an additional nomination was made at the conference. The decision of the conference (supported by the earlier vote) was Kyu-Suk Kang (kangks@goa.go.kr) as coordinator and Nebi Bilir (nebilir@orman.sdu.edu.tr), Dag Lindgren (Dag.Lindgren@genfys.slu.se) and David Reid (David.Reid@gov.bc.ca) as deputy coordinators.

2. Discuss on the next meeting (place, time and host); there were two propositions for the next meeting. One was to have the meeting hosted by the Korea Forest Research Institute and the other hosted by the Faculty of Forestry, Suleyman Demirel University in Turkey. The Korean alternative was suggested in August 2010 and the Turkey alternative in June 2009. It seemed that most people wanted to meet again on August 2010 in Seoul where the IUFRO congress would be held. Steve suggested me to have a SO symposium jointly together with the SFTIC or/and the WFGA at least once sometime later (maybe in 2013.

3. Seed orchard textbook; everybody agreed on this idea as good and necessary. The coordinator will (in contact with the deputies) discuss with more people about ‘who are main (or head) editor(s), editorial committees and authors?’ ‘Which institute would host it?’ ‘How should be web-base supported and cost be handled?’ and so on.

4. How the Working Group would be the best place in the Div 2 structure; participants and officials all agreed on the division number of 2.09.01 as the division 2 coordinator mentioned and supported in early March 2007. There was also discussion about the title of the WP and decided to call it as ‘Seed orchards’.

5. Others; announcement of coming meetings from IUFRO Div2 and Congress in 2010.