Seed orchards and the IUFRO worldcongress 2010 in Seoul.

IUFRO has wordconferences and such a meeting took place at Seoul August 2010

Abstract book where more information may be found on some of the matters mentioned

I screened the scientific program for seed with extention orchard or seedling orchard in the title of the abstract and checked if it really was seed orchard related. I got the following result.

Summary: 4 performances in subplenary sessions and   7 orals in techinical sessions and 6 posters

Altogether at least 15 presentations which could as well be presented at a seed orchard meeting

For some reason the web is made so it is impossible to copy from so the information is scatchy and mistakes I likely, I excurse

SP-3 (subplenary)  Kang KS et al Sustainable

SP-3 (subpleanary) S02663 SWEDEN Dag Lindgren Seed orchards in a warm future  Oral

B-10 S02438 Kyounginm Kim Development of prototype for seed orchard management system using RFID and.. Poster

B-Other S01650 Nurtjahjanin gsih Ida Luh Gede   Seasonal Mating System in a Seedling Seed Orchard of Pinus merkusii, a Sou.. Poster

B-Other S02732 Ahmet SIVACIOĞLU  Effective clone number and cone production in a clonal seed orchard of Ana.. Poster

(F-04  (technical session) Achievements in seed orchards, somatic embryogenesis and seed moderator Yill-Sung Park (Canada).chair)

F-04  S01300 (techmical session) Dag Lindgren  Relatives in seed orchards and clone mixtures Oral

F-04 S00087 Shivani Dobhal  Genetic improvement in seedling seed orchard of Dalbergia sissoo (Roxb.  Poster

F-04 S03034 Iskandar Z Siregar  Variation of outcrossing rates in Pinus merkusii seedling seed orchard ass.. Poster

F-04 S00488 Ramasamy Yasodha  Genetic diversity assessment using DNA markers in half-sib seed orchard of.. Poster

F-04 Leksania   Forest tree improvement ... Oral Technical session

F-04 Siregar  Variation... Oral  Technical session

F-04 Kim et al    Variations Oral Technical session

G-16  Woo KS  et al  Test of pathogenic variation   Oral Technical session

G-17  S02109 Jan Weslien Rosenberg  Research on insect pest management in Swedish spruce seed orchards betwee.. Oral Technical session

G-17  L√∂fstedt, Rosenberg et al. Sex pheromones     Oral Technical session

SP-15   (subplenary discussion) Prescher  Seed orchards:  Oral discussion

The performance of Dag Lindgren et al on the IUFRO world congress on this link