History of IUFRO 2.09.01 Seed Orchards Working Party

This is the history starting with the formal creation of the WP Oct 2008. The history before the formal creation is on this link However the Seed Orchards Working Party had a constituary meeting 070927 (my 65 year birthday!) and the time till the formal creation was for IUFROs handling on the matter. At that moment the officers of the WP with mandate to 2010 were decided (even if formally the IUFRO may have made that decision on our suggestion)
Coordinator: Kyu-Suk Kang,  Deputy coordinators: Dag Lindgren, David Reid, Nebi Bilir.

The WP occured at the IUFRO web, Oct 2008. The IUFRO home page was written and this web was rewritten and updated.
A meeting with 2.09.01 was arranged in Jeju Island Korea Sept 8-11 2009.

A session of 2.09.00 at the IUFRO World Congress 2010 was similar to seed orchards.

A meeting in Turkey took place May 21-25 2012

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