Since mid 98 to late 02 I issued newsletters at irregular intervals about tree breeding and forest genetics matters related to me mainly focused on a Swedish auditorium.. The aim of the newsletter was to spread the information and to create a forum for a discussion on relevant issues in forest genetics and breeding. There were almost 70 subscribers. I did not want to press this service on people, but make it a voluntary service, for others than those very associated with me or our corridor. It was also difficult to know to what e-mail people want the Newsletters to be sent. Therefore I required an email from those who wanted to subscribe to this service sent from the e-mail-address they wanted it delivered to. The service was mainly in English. It was mainly a domestic service, and mainly sent to Swedish subscribers. The service was open to those with a foreign address only if they have spent some time with us at Umeċ or intend to do so in the near future or could convince me about their interest.


The main function of the Newsletter was to spread recent information connecting to forest genetic activities, I also used it for discussion. Intentionally I intended to start the newsletter a discussion forum, but I found the interest for forest tree genetics/breeders to discussion is remarkably low (at least so long as someone does not feel hurt, if so they may react), so FORESTGEN is quite enough for this purpose. However, I myself used it often for some discussion, the response of this may not be strong, but I get at least some response in private. 

There are technical difficulties to spread emails. Different systems may treat the messages different. The text may appear different in different browsers and depending on local settings. Myself I have big problems with row breaks. It is very likely you can see the text better if you go to the newsletter in the form it is stored on the web here. But to see an individual Newsletter you must know the name and path of the file. Such information is usually given in the newsletters (but information get outdated sometimes). There is a trick to see old newsletters I may share with you if you ask.


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