Business meeting, notes by Dag Lindgren 0829 revised 0902

A proceedings with only abstracts, which however can comprise two pages, will be published by Thröstur. Next meeting will be in Denmark (2004) and concern resistance genetics and breeding. It was discussed to have the meeting 2005 in Komi and it appeared a sufficient interest for that and as there was confidence in the suggested arranger. It was also stated that Komi is sufficient close to be considered Near Russia to get the blessing from Nordic authorities in this connection. If for some reason this cannot be realised, Norway can arrange the 2005 meeting.


Comment by Dag L 0902 on participation

The meeting was sufficiently well visited and a sufficient number of people contributed lectures and posters to justify the meeting, therefore I suggest it is quite evident these meetings should continue for the foreseeable future, in spite of what I state in the following.

As far as I understand no-one outside the "Nordic countries" participated.

Even if the meetings are primarily meant for a Nordic group, it is a bit disappointing that this meeting did not attract anyone else (the Nordic meetings are by no means "forbidden" for "outsiders", I have myself often brought alien visitors to these meetings).

I get the feeling that the representation from Denmark and Finland could have been on a higher level.

This Nordic group has made considerable efforts to involve the Baltic countries to support their efforts to get closer ties with the west and Europe. It was therefore disappointing that no-one from the Baltic countries participated. Iceland is a bit isolated and the travelling is more complicated from Baltic countries, but it would mean the death of the efforts to get the Balts involved if they were not represented in Denmark and Komi.

The previous meeting was arranged in Scotland, but it was no-one from Scotland at this meeting, in spite of its physical closeness.