Reproductive materials in Sweden.

Skogsstyrelsen keeps a register of approved basic materials and other genetic information, start at their homepage The official seed orchard register ("Riksl‰ngden") was once on an EXCEL workbook, a not renewed version is on (FRoPLANT.XLS). The same list is available at Skogsstyrelsen in a more updated form.

Svenska Skogsplantor (which is a result of the privitization of earlier governmental activities) has around 40% of the market of seed and plants in Sweden and own many seed orchards.

An EXCEL workbook (IMPORTS.xls) concerned with historic imports of forest reproductive material (mainly seeds) into Sweden. The major collection of data was made as an examination work by j‰gm‰stare Anders Alm‰ng, and is available in his examination work: Alm‰ng A 1996. Utl‰ndska gran- och tallprovenienser i svenskt skogsbruk. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology; Arbetsrapport 54. ISSN 0280 7998. A popularised verison is available as a report from SkogForsk...

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